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Twitter page: ShozoHHHQ

Hi my name is Shozo Tanaka born 30/05/1983.

I started riding from a late age of 15 when I finished my GCSEs back in 1999.

I've been a proud member of the Hardcore Hobbies staff since summer 2003 or 2004?? (a long time now).

I am currently the shop/bmx manager and loving it!

Here are a few pictures and edits from over the years of riding my bike

Pic of a can air from Bury skatepark jam.. think this was the year we had 2000 people show up!

Shozo Tanaka photo 37627_10150230804950164_74372016-1.jpg

SimpleBikeco Denmark/Sweden trip

 photo IMG_6311.jpg

Roskilde Festival demo.. same year as the Denmark/Sweden trip

 photo 6300_100836971692_596566692_2214643.jpg

Japan Trip 2009 with Joe Embrey.. Down Table in the scorching sun!

 photo 2960157757_84b2264640.jpg

Few Edits from over 5 years ago! This follow up DVD from 'By The Way' we was working on never happened but heres a teaser we done

kinda the new vid (hh video teaser) from shozo tanaka on Myspace.

Pretty Sure this was a re-edit of my section from 'By The Way'!

Here's a few newer edits.. This ones a one day edit filmed and edited on my iPod touch

Hard Knocks Part 1.. a split SimpleBikeCo edit with myself, Shoji Tanaka and James Reynolds

Hard Knocks! Part One / Simple Bikes. from Hardcore Hobbies on Vimeo.

Here's a SimpleBikeco Denmark trip edit which was a DigMag exclusive when it came out.


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