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REKD Protection Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set

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REKD Protection - Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set - Black - XL

We here at HH are big on protection. The boss man Jay always has a skid lid on and when at the local park and he also loves a good knee pad too. So with that said, we like to find the best protection we can for the best price and REKD have ticked all the boxes with this set! Great prices, amazing look and nice and comfertable.

This pad set comes with: 1x set of knee pads 1x set of elbow pads 1x set of wrist guards The REKD Heavy Duty Triple Pad Set is ideal for a wide range of action sports including skateboarding and roller derby.


Hard wearing ramp style high impact caps

Dual splint Wristguard with 360 protection

Dual elasticated Velcro straps and triple velcro straps on wristguard

Comfort lining

Elasticated fitting sock with moisture vent

Other Sizes and Colours


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