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BSE Crew 2017 Video

Check out BSE Crew and HH fam Ollie Myers and Lewis Powell throwing down shapes in Bury and beyond.

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 02:56 on Thu 4 May 2017.


Okay all we've made the decision to knock selling CDs and Vinyl on the head!!!! It's proven to be much more time consuming to keep on top of than at first expected, and with the guys in town at Vinyl Hunter doing such a grand job, it seems now is the time to clear our stock with a crazy HALF PRICE SALE!!!!!! We've got some great titles in stock!..... at these prices we don't expect them to be around for long! PLEASE NOTE all local music (in store on a sale or return basis) has now been put out back, we'll be sorting through these items real soon and will be in touch with all bands/artists to square them up and give back any remaining releases. Nice one all. See you down the front!

Posted by Jay, at 01:10 on Thu 20 April 2017.

Joe Embrey Gypsy Compass Seat Edit!

Here's a little promo by Hardcore Hobbies/FBM/Bicycle Union/Four Down Team rider Joe Embrey to promote the FBM Compass seat. Available in Brown or Black, will take your weight no matter how many chips you scoff! Click here to buy these rad seats.

Posted by Jay, at 10:23 on Thu 9 March 2017.

Mid School & New Old Stock Clearance!

It's fair to say we're having a clear out!!!! Most items here will appeal to Mid School nuts and BMX collectors in general. Loads of deals to be had and a number of super rare items. Much of the stock listed here is in our store room (not on our shop floor, ask if you want a nose!) and a number of items pre date our webstore, so are not on our site either! We thought it best to put these items into a blog (saving us time uploading everything individually). Visit us in-store or give us a call on 01284 717100 and we can take card details over the phone and Mail Order the products to you direct. If you are reading this then chances are you are into the 'vintage' BMX scene, any shares of this blog on social media to help find good homes for these bits would be great. - Cheers!
 photo 62FE7F71-A686-4F85-AAA2-77896D669F41.jpg
1 X Inertia Unit Elite 853 Frame Grey (high end flatland frame) £80
1 X KHE Shola Pro II Chrome Bruce Crisman Signature Frame (no brake mounts) £100
 photo 6E7F0450-6C9C-4BE0-8C75-30B53990C10F.jpg
1 x Prism Hub 14mm on Sun Black Box Chrome Rim Front £30
1 X Nankai 14t Freecoaster 10mm (no wheel nuts) on Sun Black Box Rim 48h £100
 photo 951A27B5-BF2D-4CFF-B41F-5CCAEC346F5B.jpg
1 X 14mm Generic Front Hub Silver on Black Box Rim 48h £30
1 X PAIR 14mm Generic Hubs Black on Supra E Black Rims 48H £75
1 X Gusset Huka 48h 14mm Front Wheel Boxed. £30
Wheel Parts:
1 X Gusset Tape Sealed Front Hub 48h 14mm £15
1 X Sun Rims Rhyno Chrome 48h £20
1 X Cowa Z9 Fit Rim 48h Silver £15
1 X Alex Supra E Rim Black 48h £20
2 X Primo Forged Spokes Yellow 182 £10 a set
2 X Primo Forged Spokes White 182 £10 a set
4 X Primo Forged Spokes Blue 182 £10 a set
1 X Primo Forged Spokes Green 182 £10
1 X Primo Forged Spokes Brown 184 £10
1 X Primo Forged Spokes Yellow 184 £10
2 X Proper Cassette Cog RHD 10t £5 Each
1 X Proper Cassette Cog RHD 11t £5
1 X Proper Cassette Cog RHD 12t £5
1 X Proper Cassette Cog LHD 10t £5
1 X Proper Cassette Cog LHD 12t £5
16 X ACS Southpaw 16t LHD Freewheel £5 Each
2 X ACS Southpaw 14t LHD Freewheel £5 Each
11 X Odyssey LHD Freewheel 14t £5 Each
1 X ACS Fat Freewheel 16t £5
1 X Hoffman Front Sealed Axle £5
1 X Demolition 14mm Sealed Front Axle with Bearings £5
2 X Primo Stock Hub Axle with Bearings Rear £10 Each
1 X Odyssey 3/8" Axle Conversion Kit For Hazard Cassette Hub £20
1 X Dragonfly Rear Axle 14mm £5
1 X Misc 14mm Rear Axle Sealed £5
1 X Misc 14mm Rear Axle Unsealed £5
1 X Pair I.D Axemen 10 to 14mm Axle Converters £5
1 X Exposure Cassette Hub RHD 13t 48h 14mm £20
1 X Sealed 12mm Front Axle with Bearings £5
1 X KHE Mac 1 Folding White (Slightly Discoloured) £10
2 X KHE Mac 2 Dirt Tyres White (wire) Slightly Discoloured £20 the Pair
2 X Mac 1 1.5" ST Tyre White Slightly Discoloured £20 the Pair
1 X Primo Wall Tyre 1.85 Grey £10
 photo C160DAE8-4CFF-4675-A2F1-CEA5E3A3E054.jpg
1 X Gyro Wedge for Odyssey Elementary Stem £5
3 X Odyssey 2X4 Brake Blocks for Cantilever fitting £5 a Pair
2 X Odyssey 1X4 Blocks for Cantilever fitting £5 a Pair
4 X Odyssey Brakeline Gyro Upper Short Cable £5 Each
1 X SST Oryg Poser Upper Cable £5
 photo 41374C22-4713-4B0D-B73B-A07776B9C268.jpg
1 X Pair KHE Alchemy Cr-Mo Steel Pegs 14mm £10
3 X Pairs KHE Alchemy Street Pegs Plastic 10/14mm £10 a Pair
2 X Pairs Aeon Park Pegs 10/14mm £15 a Pair
2 X Gsport Pleg Clear 14mm £5 Each
2 X Gsport Pleg Lavender 14mm £5 Each
2 X Gsport Pleg Yellow 14mm £5 Each
1 X DNA Bomb 2 Bolt Seat Clamp £5
1 X KHE Axle Stopper (chain tug) 14mm £5
2 X Pairs KHE M10 Peg Boss Bolts £2 Per Pair
1 X Pair 14mm KHE Distance Washers £2
1 X Pair KHE Peg Nuts 10 to 14mm £5

Posted by Jay, at 01:11 on Wed 8 February 2017.

Lewis Murtagh YouTube Blogage!

Team Rider Lewis Murtagh is putting out regular posts on his YoutTube Channel. Not tight section clip type edits, more of like day in the life shizz! Check it out yeah? All about the good times!

Posted by Lewis 'n' Jay, at 01:52 on Wed 1 February 2017.

Embrey Gypsy Compass Seat Edit

H.H Team rider Joe Embrey features in this FBM advert for the Gypsy Compass Seat, Not sure if the seat is any cop though because he doesn't sit on it in this edit...... It looks nice though! Music from local Bury St Edmunds band Men Of Munga!!!!!

Posted by Jay, at 03:21 on Wed 23 November 2016.

Fen Boys In Malaga!

H.H Team Rider Bertie Buck, Zak Jordan, Adam Webb, Shane Allen and a few other local lads headed out to Malaga, Good times in the sunshine! Check it out!

BMX Holiday trip Malaga 2016 from Adam Webb on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 12:22 on Tue 25 October 2016.

Joey Gough - Send Shit

The brand spanking new edit from H.H Team rider 'Joey Gough'. Put together by the super star that is Martin Zielinski...... This is the real deal.... if 30 second Instagram videos aren't floating your boat, then put the kettle on, sit down, and give this the time that it deserves. Phat/rad, 20 & 26" dirt madness! Click the link:

Joey Gough - Send Shit

Posted by Jay, at 12:40 on Wed 19 October 2016.
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