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Crew Tapes winners - BSE Crew Edit!!

Well done to our Local Bury shredders - BSE Crew for taking the win!!
"Crew Tapes is a filming challenge designed to be completed by 4 Crews. This year was the first year and we had 4 Crews from England be involved. The book of challenges ranged from doing a certain trick to shaving a teamates head and these were rated on a point system and naturally the team with the most points won. Concave Crew, HomTanks, BSE Crew and Novark Crew took part this year. All the Crews are spread across the country so all the parts had a good range of street and parks from around the country and brought the scene together to watch the premiere of the tapes at the SRO Distrobution BBQ's after party at their warehouse" - Transition Zine.

Posted by Shozo, at 01:45 on Fri 28 September 2018.
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