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Physical Store Closure

We are sad to announce that we will be closing our physical store on Saturday 29th June 2019.
Hardcore Hobbies is, and has been so much more than a business to us and many others over the twenty years we have been trading.
We would like to take this opportunity to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers, team riders, staff, distributors and brands that we have dealt with... the people we have met along our journey have undoubtedly been the store’s highlight.
As you can imagine we have Sale pricing across almost everything!.... Six weeks to grab a killer deal and help us clear our shelves!
Cheers for everything y’all! HHHQ.

Posted by Jay, at 11:01 on Thu 27 June 2019.

Ash Finlay - 2018 Edit!

To think this edit was filmed and edited in a week is just....INSANE! Our boy Ash Finlay Absolutely killing it as usual! Edited and filmed by Harry King and published by the bmxican! Go give these guys a search and follow on social media and youtube they're awesome!

Posted by Shozo, at 03:51 on Tue 16 October 2018.

Crew Tapes winners - BSE Crew Edit!!

Well done to our Local Bury shredders - BSE Crew for taking the win!!
"Crew Tapes is a filming challenge designed to be completed by 4 Crews. This year was the first year and we had 4 Crews from England be involved. The book of challenges ranged from doing a certain trick to shaving a teamates head and these were rated on a point system and naturally the team with the most points won. Concave Crew, HomTanks, BSE Crew and Novark Crew took part this year. All the Crews are spread across the country so all the parts had a good range of street and parks from around the country and brought the scene together to watch the premiere of the tapes at the SRO Distrobution BBQ's after party at their warehouse" - Transition Zine.

Posted by Shozo, at 01:45 on Fri 28 September 2018.

H.H Scoot Team in Barcelona!

H.H Scoot team hit up Barcelona - AND SMASH IT! BSE Crew killing it!

Posted by Jay, at 10:56 on Sat 19 May 2018.

Joe Embrey - FBM - After Hours Edit!

The latest edit from Hardcore Hobbies team Rider Joe Embrey...... Doing it for FBM!

Posted by Jay, at 11:09 on Thu 15 March 2018.


Benjamin Schofield pulled together this tight winter edit for BSE CREW featuring Hardcore Hobbies Team Scooter Riders Max Bent-Marshall, Lewis Powell and Ollie Myers. Find @b.s.e_crew on Instagram and give them a follow for regular steez!

Posted by Jay, at 11:07 on Fri 23 February 2018.

Ash Finlay - BMX Life

Team Rider Max Bent-Marshall put together this edit 'BMX Life' with Team Rider Ash Finlay....... Check it!

Posted by Jay, at 03:53 on Thu 22 February 2018.


Hardcore Hobbies World Peace Design copy
Inspired by New York Hardcore Punk / Thrash crossover band The Cro-Mags, our 'World Peace' clothing line should be available in store and online mid February 2018!!!!
Photo 06 02 2018 14 56 48
This print aims to put a positive twist on the negative aspects of our ever changing world!
Independent shops seem to be closing left right and centre at the moment, there are many reasons for this, folk have less money in their pockets these days and the large internet players seem to be taking a huge slice of the pie!
Here at Hardcore Hobbies we are renewing our lease so are digging in moving forward..... Thanks to your ongoing support we'll keep things rolling and will be continuing to service the scene we love so much!
Hardcore Hobbies til the end of time!........ fingers crossed that's a long time and some man made device doesn't ruin everything for everyone!
Photo 06 02 2018 14 56 16
Mad times people, that said mankind has always been a little bonkers!
Rep a H.H World Peace garm before it all goes up in flames!
*don't worry..... we're sure everything will be fine. X.

Posted by Jay, at 10:45 on Wed 7 February 2018.
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