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Ollie Myers

1. Full Name:
Oliver Myers (keep it simple with Ollie)

2. Age and years riding:
17 and been riding roughly 6 and a half years give or take haha, so was like 2010 I started scootering.

3. You skate and ride a BMX too...... what came first?:
Yeah I'm a fan of all three and everything's transferable between the them! I actually started out on a bmx building/riding dirt jumps round the local estates and forests of Bury, then progressing to going up the skatepark and that's where I found the interest for taking my foldable Razor scooter up there! Skating was always an interest too, and having friends into it as well as scooters meant a widened variety of the culture was shown to me, this lead to a phase of being hyped on it like 2/3 years into starting riding, I've always had a bmx, skateboard and scooter as long as I can remember really.

4. Do you ride your scooter the most because that's what gets you the loudest 'YEAHS!' or is it simply the most fun for you?:
Hahaha! It's always been something for me to go to and I don't know what I'd do without it, its great and its more than just the fun of it, but like you say the 'YEAHS' show a community of people all gathered together to have fun and appreciate on another's commitment to what they enjoy.

Ollie Myers - March 2016 - Max Bent-Marshall photo March 2016 - Max Bent-Marshall.jpg
March 2016 - 📷 Max Bent-Marshall

5. What do you look to when learning new stuff? The scooter world or beyond?:
I mean we're learning everyday really, its all about the practice and how much you want it when it comes to tricks and stunts. There's always that next step in riding and that's what's enjoyable, the continuous pushing of ability. I like to try push beyond just the scooter world and transfer things where possible, it's another great thing about the Bury Scene, everyone gets on with everyone no matter what you ride!

6. Who do you ride with and where?:
Mainly sticking to the local whenever I get a chance to shred until the weather improves. The BSE Crew are the main boys I ride with; Lewis Powell, Max Bent-Marshall, Ollie Holder, Ben Schofield, Josh Campan and Joel Richardson. Although the group is always varying, doesn't matter who's at the park, there's always someone to hang with. It may be the Tank Tapes crew, local skaters or even people coming to use the pump track, the ages always vary which is a great thing about the park.

7. What's your current set up? Is it 'dialled'?:
Current Set up is consisting of the Supremacy Trojan T bars, Tilt SCS compression, BSD Headset, Aztek Fountain Deck, Supremacy Axe forks, Tilt Stage 2 Isaac Miller Sigs, Ethic Grips and some pink griptape. its all pretty new, so its looking decent, but no its not 'dialled'. I prefer it personally and it sounds gnarlier.

8. Scooters have changed loads in recent times (wider decks and bigger bars etc) What is the next evolution going to be?:
Scootering is constantly evolving, its mad to see how far it's come since Hardcore started stocking in scooters and even before then! Pretty cool thing to see and be a part of. As you say Bars getting taller as we get older and grow higher, decks getting wider to provide not only more grinding surface, but foot space too! The scene is continuously innovating new ideas and wider decks is definitely the next step. When I started out you wouldn't of seen a deck wider than 4 inches wide like my Razor ultra pro or Lewis JD Bug and that was with extrusions to make the frame of the deck wider on the top where you stand. Back in the day it was so much simpler man haha. Now decks are varying from your standard 4.5 all the way up to 5.2 and that's not to even start talking about the lengths of decks from 20 inches to 23/24 inches long now. They're continuously getting larger with wheels going up to 125mm and now even 6 inch wide decks are being talked about, were continuously pushing the boundaries further and further.

Ollie Myers - April 2014 - Dethan Atkinson photo April 2014 - Dethan Atkinson.jpg
April 2014 - 📷 Dethan Atkinson

9. What's better comps or edits?:
Now this is the controversial question of the lot, but I gotta be true and say Edits all the way. I'd much rather see a dude work so hard to make a part that he's pleased with in not only the riding, but the filming and editing of the video as well, it's a record of their hard work that can show so much about a person through their riding and lifestyle. Comps are sweet, it's a great thing to bring the community together and to show off talent in its highest forms, although sometimes ruined by commercialism and such. Still great to have competition's and bring people together, just got to do it for the right reasons, but that's politics.

10. Would you go without Instagram for two days in return for free chips for a week?:
I think I'd give that a shot if you make them cheesy chips ahaha.

11. What are you up to in the way of study/work?:
I've now started a Welding and Fabrication Apprenticeship with Engineering Systems and Projects in Rougham Woodlands Industrial estate just outside of Bury. It's awesome, I always had an interest into how our parts were made and manufactured, so this was the perfect opportunity. Maybe one day i'll be making my own parts or something haha.

12. Is it okay to wear Thrasher clothing if you don't skate?:
Awkward question, because I wear Thrasher and other skate brands but I scooter, so who knows really. The popularity of the brand has risen sky high and is great for the money side of the business, but it does kill it a little when you see a kid in a Thrasher Hoody or jumper every time you walk through the college or in town, then again you don't see hipsters walking around in scooter clothes do you?

 photo December 2016 - Joel Richardson.jpg
December 2016 - 📷 Joel Richardson

13. What are you listening to at the moment? Do you use an iPod when you ride?:
My music taste has always been pretty varied to be honest, lately through work and what not have gotten back into rock a lot more with Classic ACDC and the new Metallica stuff, but can never go wrong with hip hop; Mobb Deep, Wu Tang Clan, Big L, the list goes on. Genuinely enjoy jamming away to anything when I ride and use my trusty IPhone for all my music needs.

14. I remember when BMX and Skateboarding was a thing that 'only kids did', times have changed! Is riding a Scooter now socially acceptable into your 20's?:
Times are changing and we know it, everybody from back in the day is remembering their passions for the sports, more and more kids are being introduced and the age range is huge. I don't see myself quitting anytime soon and don't see any reason why I would if it wasn't socially acceptable, I'm doing this for me.

15. What do you have planned for the rest of the year?:
Learning, Working, Travelling and Filming.

16. Any closing comments?:
Just like to give a shout out to the BSE Crew and all the locals keeping Hardcore and the Scene pumping and growing!
Greatly appreciate if you'd check out our Youtube Channels for latest content on what were up too. Also drop a follow on mine and all the names in the BSE Crew's insta bio, Peace Dudes.
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