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Concrete Skatepark Collection Tin...

Pop in store, grab yourselves a collection tin, fill it up with money, drop it back in! All proceeds go to the Bury Concrete Skatepark Fund! BOOM!
 photo 1E5C6D44-97F4-4301-8184-968BC91DA734-3305-00000367EE664F1B.jpg

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 05:36 on Wed 20 March 2013.

Area 25 / Hardcore Hobbies Easter BMX Jam - Sunday 7th April

 photo Area-25-Easter-BMX-Jam.jpg

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 03:53 on Fri 15 March 2013.

Creature C.S.F.U. DVD Premiere...

 photo Creature-CSFU-Premiere.jpg

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 01:20 on Fri 15 March 2013.

Milk And Alcohol...

Here's a new edit from Harley Miller, filmed and edited by young local Reece Bartlett!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 03:31 on Wed 13 March 2013.

Bury St Edmunds Concrete Fundraiser Jam 2012 Media Comp Results...

Sorry it has taken so long to get the results of this comp finalised..... We've had lots on here at HHHQ, and the judging process has proved to be a little bit more difficult than expected! Thanks to everybody who put forward submissions, we've also spent a little time trawling the internet, so it could be that you've won something without even entering. BOOM!

Video Comp...

1st Place: Harry Sprigings

2nd Place: Ryan Clarke

bury skate jam edit 2012 from ryan clark on Vimeo.

3rd Place: Rio Brown

Photo Comp...

1st Place:J & E Photography
 photo JampEPhotography-AshFinlay.jpg
 photo JampEPhotography-JamesReynolds.jpg

2nd Place: Luke Horsey
 photo LukeHorsey-AshFinlay.jpg
 photo LukeHorsey-JoeRoofe.jpg

3rd Place: Brad Collins
 photo BradCollins-JoeEmbrey.jpg
 photo BradCollins-Leyland.jpg

4th Place: Paul Jackson
 photo PaulJackson.jpg

5th Place: Scott Derby
 photo ScottDarby-Harris.jpg photo ScottDarby-Spanky.jpg photo ScottDarby-JoeRoofe.jpg photo ScottDarby-SpankyampLadies.jpg

And incase you missed them, here are the results of the actual competitions on the day!


11 & Under

13th Kai Ponder
12th Luke Beadle
11th Tom Mason
10th Connor Reynolds
9th Sam Clements
8th Jack Johnson
7th Robert Bates
6th Theo Jackson
5th Will Turner
4th Michael Thompson
3rd Liam Barker
2nd Mason Wood
1st Louis Buchan


15th Ben Schofield
14th Jack Turnbay
13th Geno Bemonte
12th Elliot Parr
11th Alfie Newell
10th Ben Moore
9th Aaron Buck
8th Charlie Hall
7th Sam Clarke
6th Lewis Powel
5th Ollie Myers
4th Jamie Allsop
3rd Joel Richardson
2nd Max Marshall
1st Kallum Keringham


Ramp 16 & Under

8th Harry Sprigings
7th Billy Hartland
6th Danny Jess
5th Jason Wreathall
4th Callum Link
3rd Jordan Cutts
2nd Harry Hartland
1st Will Taylor

16 & Under Street Best Trick

3rd Will Taylor
2nd Harry Hartland
1st Nathan Hyden

Ramp 17+

10th Connor Phister
9th Sean Manning
8th Jed Newman
7th Keiron Challis
6th jack hobson
5th Spanky Pimm
4th lee Greaves
3rd Joe Embry
2nd Joe Roofe
1st Ash Finley

17+ Street Best Trick

3rd Joe Embry
2nd Ash Finley
1st Joe Roofe


17 & under

3rd Jason Wreathall
2nd Callum Link
1st Will Taylor


3rd Joe Embry
2nd Ash Finley
1st Adam Applin


Ramp 14 & Under

6th Ben Asker
5th Carter Beck
4th Dylan Sweeney
3rd Emelio Reggiani
2nd Finn Clark
1st Will Dixon

14 & under Street Best Trick

3rd Joe Greenslade Cross
2nd Dylan Sweeney
1st Will Dixon

Ramp 15+

4th Edi Pooley
3rd Lee Sadler
2nd Jono Boughton
1st Jake Royal

15+ Street Best Trick

3rd Edi Pooley
2nd Jake Royal
1st Dave I.D



2nd Dave ID
1st Lee Sadler

17 & Under

3rd Jono Boughton
2nd Will Dixon
1st Edi Pooley


16 and over WRS

10th samuel dalglish
9th Greg Player
8th Stuart Mackay
7th Neil Petch
6th Lewis Bloomfield
5th Carlos Carvalho
4th Matt 'squid' Witchalls
3rd Rio Brown
2nd Jamie 'Jimbles' Friend
1st Tom Pretty

15 and under NEWBLOOD

3rd aaron barker
2nd liam donnelly
1st marley donnelly

Thanks for reading.

Posted by SeanHHHQ & Jay, at 02:10 on Mon 4 March 2013.

Ash Finlay Adrenaline Alley Edit

Another Amazing Edit From Ash! That Makes 2 So Far This Year!!

Posted by BenHHHQ, at 03:48 on Wed 27 February 2013.

Custom Completes From 70.99!

Just add a deck (prices vary: 26 - 60) - Click the image to view all decks in stock!
 photo Decks.png

Then add this undercarriage deal for 45! (trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware) - Click the image to view!
 photo pound45-Deal.png

We'll match up the colours etc... All you need to get you rolling!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 05:17 on Mon 18 February 2013.

Door Gap Session

HH team skater Harley Miller hit up RampRage Skatepark last week and had fun with others throwing some shapes over the door gap!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 03:35 on Mon 18 February 2013.
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