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Tryal Of Witches

Hardcore Hobbies Team Rider Joe Embrey plays guitar in Bury St Edmunds band 'Tryal Of Witches'...... Here's tracks from their latest E.P.... Check them out live if you get the chance!

Posted by Jay, at 07:45 on Fri 25 September 2015.

Refugee Fundraiser BSE

On Sunday September 13th, The Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Experience, Tank Tapes, Twisted Apparel and Hardcore Hobbies put together a Rail Jam and Bunny Hop Competition with the idea of raising some money and collecting items in aid of the refugee crisis happening right now in Europe. The weather looked a little dodgy but we pulled it off!
 photo 3649CE79-6CBF-4B53-AC51-975BB7CD48FC.jpg
We had a great showing from locals and folk from the surrounding scenes!
 photo 5F7A7E01-3787-45C0-B6B9-2882E895A382.jpg
The brains behind the operation had a chill then got to work!
 photo A54FF162-1D88-4553-A536-D07F357B4439.jpg
 photo 4C416310-E28C-4AC4-8FB2-89129EC04DDC.jpg
 photo D62BCCAC-E4FE-429A-A095-99A2BEBF7D19.jpg
 photo 45DAFD69-2A94-4AEB-8B7F-E079F4A81CCD.jpg
Stowmarket's Ben Flack with a long Ice Pick Grind!
Things kicked off in the hop comp.... Below 'Questions' fresh from LDN.
 photo F1D839FC-7234-4D77-A281-B70CACCCB84D.jpg
Wichai with a slice of pop pie!
 photo AA33126C-9377-423B-8582-B69C6C86F1AC.jpg
Ryan, getting back on it after being injured 'n' that!
 photo 666208CA-A1D0-4B09-9C05-D48A555BB0C9.jpg
Jason from the Croft.... Always aggro style (in a good way!)
 photo BF1FE536-1EB7-4D3B-83AE-1396CB3D27B8.jpg
Connor... Happy as a pig in shit!
 photo 7B7A6DF6-313F-465D-BE1A-A1B989467D50.jpg
Foster won the rail hop due to massive upper body strength provided by excessive car cleaning cross training!
 photo 840FF6AF-A546-43B0-A2BF-DE9BB80F9CB6.jpg
Pretty high hop for a small dog!
 photo BE671F27-D766-4BE3-B9F4-B33561949D24.jpg
Otis "I didn't know I could hop"
 photo FFBC17A0-A1A9-4FD5-ADA0-14A7DD6C930B.jpg
To be honest I'm not sure of the actual results due to having a hangover and not really paying much attention to that side of things..... We did raise around 200 for the cause though, and I now have another van full of stuff to help with the refugee crisis! Good work everyone! Remember it's cool to be cool!
Thanks to Paul Jackson for the shots! (You rule!)

Posted by Jay & Paul, at 05:13 on Wed 23 September 2015.

Simple Bike Co - Elias Reite

A fresh new super chilled edit from Simple Bike Co Team Rider Elias Reite filmed in Norway over the summer, put the kettle on and watch it yeah?

Elias Reite // Mon échappatoire // SimpleBikeCO from Elias Reite on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 08:52 on Tue 15 September 2015.

BSE Skatepark Jam 2015

Sunday 23rd August saw this years Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Jam, put together by Hardcore Hobbies, St Edmundsbury Borough Council and the Bury Skatepark Experience User Group.... Hardcore Hobbies tapped up Z-Flex, United Bike Co, Blazer Pro, Grit Scooters Co, Federal, Milk Skateboards, Slamm Scooters, Gusset, Mob Grip, Mini-Logo and Rocket Skateboards for prizes and the scene was set!
 photo 008CA001-AACC-4574-AFE6-522D55CA8E7D.jpg
The gates opened at 12AM and despite the weather looking shitty later in the day the turn out was awesome as usual!
 photo EE9DDB86-FD4A-4304-AD90-072FBBB471F2.jpg
Jay got on the mic to kick the event off almost right away, mindful that rain may put a stop to the day early!
 photo C74D96E8-6C9D-4EDD-8D07-7EF21CB0EFEE.jpg
The first event was Scooter Bowl, prizes supplied by Blazer Pro..... This was all about the lines! The young guns killed it!
 photo D7AB5CDF-B97B-4D43-B4B0-291815667CC6.jpg
Max Bent-Marshall rocking the knee/shin combo!
 photo E2515BED-1736-4358-AF29-74412DCF7768.jpg
Ben Callingham thinking outside the box!
 photo 2A2AA09C-3CF5-4215-8AA4-1F083AD969A7.jpg
Upside down Thetford local!
 photo 213A93BA-C2D0-47DD-B129-7417BC0B6469.jpg
 photo 0B4EF481-2EF0-4628-A012-12972DC8B9A4.jpg
 photo A811D41A-CB5C-4DD8-B2AA-99AEF794E789.jpg
1st Max Bent-Marshall
2nd Ben Callingham
3rd Damian Barowko (?)
......all good old boys!
Next up BMX Bowl!
 photo 24435ADC-91BF-443F-8FC3-C2A967AF296A.jpg
Ash Finlay went off as usual, we disqualified him due the doctor saying he wasn't supposed to ride because of ACL problems.
 photo 92189A1D-E95D-4C24-A1D5-EE2EC7D335C4.jpg
Dom back from down-under visiting with his family on the mic and Stu helping out with the day's proceedings!
 photo AB266480-C692-4050-9724-4655A1DE6A0D.jpg
Ash in the deep end!
 photo C32F2225-EEC3-4460-9D84-F08B97C9D7D1.jpg
Dom in noisy bastard mode!
 photo 2C4E2E58-83D5-401F-AC2E-76152934BFF1.jpg
Another shot of Hardcore Hobbies Team Rider Ash ('coz he's good!)
1st Luke Barker
2nd Charlie Cope
3rd Sean Russell
Cheers to United Bike Co for the prizes!
Next up the Z-Flex Skateboard Bowl Jam!
 photo 5AECFC95-B1DD-49C7-9198-B9756DE547EF.jpg
Stowmarket destroyed this!
 photo B73C5491-1CD5-4521-93C8-AC17C1136B6B_1.jpg
Dom loving it with his new Slime Balls!
Skate Bowl results:
1st Ged Jolly
2nd Max Melwani
3rd Elijah Nowak
 photo 69DD0E7D-6509-4E2F-AA76-563DA3CC5BC1.jpg
 photo 7936D213-24C4-481F-A68F-3A8DBF689C39.jpg
Elijah's old man Steve... Pretty good for an old bloke!
Scoot Rail with prizes from Grit was up next, results we're as follows:
1st Ben Callingham
2nd Jamie Alsop
3rd Orion Nichol
 photo DAD03DD6-88C9-4149-B4A8-7E3EA815B567.jpg
Ben doing his thing!
We just about got the BMX Rail Jam sponsored by Federal in before the rain came!
 photo 4CBEA7DB-34AF-4DD0-8693-5A8A544DAA1E.jpg
Poodle on his Hulk bike!
 photo 09AEB6FD-3F36-4B04-94F6-D5F77EE80285.jpg
Connor is good at this kind of thing!
 photo 5C3295F2-EF1C-4833-B2CD-CF330C003BC2.jpg
Stunts make Chud happy (that's a good thing)
1st Niall Pryce
2nd Connor Phimister
3rd Wichai
So the weather got the better of us and the event wound down at about 4 o'clock.... We'll put something low key on at some point to clear the prizes! Thanks for everyone who turned out! We raised a bunch of dollar towards lighting improvements at the park, chuffed!
Massive thanks to Paul Jackson (semi-pro photographer bad boy) for letting us steal his snaps! Top bloke!
 photo F3FD6D2B-FC5D-4D76-B739-662723013679.jpg
 photo 6962253C-3E2A-40AD-AB35-6C095ACE71F4.jpg
FBM, Etnies, Bicycle Union & Hardcore Hobbies Team Rider Joe Embrey.
Despite the rain a great day! Cheers all!

Posted by Paul and Jay, at 01:03 on Tue 15 September 2015.

Muckefuck on UK soil!

 photo 38D2594A-5496-4EB5-9F29-E6E531E8F5AD.jpg

Okay all, big news from the Hardcore Hobbies camp!....... We are now the UK importer and distributer for the wonderful Muckefuck Skateboards! We're super stoked to announce we'll have our first drop of wheels hitting us in less than two weeks, super good quality urethane in a ton of sizes, something for everyone, great graphics from a brand that does things a little differently.... These bad boys don't flat spot easily!
Decks and bearings will be with us in a couple of months too so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The Muckefuck Team are as follows:

Team (urethane): Mark Munson, John Magnusson, Josh "Skreech" Sandoval, Phil Zwijsen, Julien Benoliel, Jarne Verbruggen, Alex Hallford, Jaime Mateu, Jorge Simoes, Tobi Fleischer, Kevin Wenzke, Robin Bolian, Igor Fardin, Ralf Edlinger, Roman Erhart, Dustin Vonach, Marco Kada, Michael Mahringer, Jake Anderson, Roman Astleitner, Philipp Josephu, Simon Karlsson, Volker Petersen & Tobi "Albertross" Kupfer

Team (skateboards): Ralf Edlinger, Norbert Weitenbacher, Lee Blackwell, Alban Millaku, Patrick Hofsttter, Roman Astleitner, Herwig Hornich, Stefan Atzl, Sascha Biehaule, Stefan Moser, Johannes Astleitner, Santino Exenberger, Tobias Grnwald

Here's a Switzerland Tour edit to get you pumped!

Muckefuck Switzerland Tour 2013 - full clip from Muckefuck skateboards & urethane on Vimeo.

Support skateboarding, have fun, get wasted!

Trade enquiries welcome!

Posted by Jay, at 01:05 on Fri 11 September 2015.

Subrosa Rail Jam

On August 19th we were very pleased to have Seventies Distribution bring the Subrosa Rail Jam to our town, we had a good showing of locals as well as Pro riders Scott Ditchburn, Emerson Morgan and Paul Ryan.... We were also happy to see the legend that is Mad Jon Taylor arrive with the crew.
 photo group shot.jpg
After usual shop chills riders headed out to Morton Hall where the session went down! Connor, Otis, Tom and Gremlin smashed it right out of the van.
 photo DSC_0184.jpg
 photo Photo 19-08-2015 15 27 33.jpg
11 year old local hero Harley put pegs on for the day and set about learning 50/50 Grinds.... So stoked for this fella, getting better on his bike every time he puts his feet on the pedals!
 photo DSC_0197.jpg
After the sesh everyone headed back to the store to watch the Shadow 'What Could Go Wrong!' DVD, then on to the towns skatepark at Olding Road for nibbles! Mad Jon shut down the bowl and Ditchburn, Phimister and Morgan killed it on the rail! If you missed the Jam head down to the park this Sunday when the Bury Skatepark Experience, Twisted, Hardcore Hobbies and Tank Tapes are putting on a little fund raiser jam to help the refugee crisis in Europe.
 photo 0FB1A9CE-C8B5-4927-8655-1148E76141D0.jpg
All photos Jamie Guy!
Nice one!

Posted by Jay 'n' Chud, at 01:34 on Wed 9 September 2015.

Swap Shop

 photo 27E5D305-5FE1-45EF-A481-07F260255265.png
This Saturday we're doing something that we haven't done for a while! Last time we did this a few years back it was a great success..... The idea is we have an open table upstairs in store, and encourage our customers to bring in any old skate, scoot and BMX items they have laying around to sell on, this enables folk to grab a bargain to get rolling this summer, and gives the seller some extra cash to spend on upgrading their whip, buy a much needed new pair of kicks or to spunk on booze or whatever! Basically it's a rad car boot sale without the car boots and Beano Annuals..... All we ask is that you don't try and pass on anything that you know is knackered and ready for the bin! Please share this around as much as possible via social networks, see you all this Saturday between 11 & 1 o'clock! Nice one!

Posted by Jay, at 01:10 on Tue 7 July 2015.

Tank Tapes Rail Edit

Subrosa Rail @ BSE park from Tank Tapes on Vimeo.

Tank Tapes have been at it again!!!! Great edit featuring the Subrosa grind rail..... if you live anywhere around East Anglia be sure to keep August the 19th free, something (very) sick is coming our way!!!!!

Posted by Jay & Tom, at 12:48 on Tue 7 July 2015.
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