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Joe Embrey's Welcome To Simple Bike Co Edit

Joe Embrey has had a great year! As well as getting a full on Bicycle Union hook up, he is now representing Simple Bikes for the UK!
As you may or may not know Hardcore Hobbies are now distributing this product throughout the UK! We have limited stocks right now, with a big drop expected in March!
You can peep the product we're holding here:
Check out Joe's welcome edit below!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 04:22 on Mon 22 December 2014.

HH BMX Ident

Here's the third ident by James Tilyard featuring HH BMX madman Ash Finlay!

Keep an eye out for our advert produced by James real soon!!!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 01:45 on Tue 16 December 2014.

HH Ident 2 - Skate

Heres the second ident by James Tilyard of HH team skater Jake Royal!

Good work boys!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 05:40 on Mon 8 December 2014.

HH Scooter Ident

Here's the first mini ident edit by James Tilyard, featuring HH Team Scooter king Ollie Myers! BMX & Skate ident to hit over the next couple of weeks followed by a full advert edit! Keep you're eyes peeled!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 02:40 on Mon 1 December 2014.

New In Our Stairway Gallery

Now on the Hardcore Hobbies Stairway Gallery we have framed photo prints by featured photographer Paul Jackson.

Come in and give 'em a look. Images at very reasonable prices.

Paul will be donating part of the profits to Grind For Life Org.

Nice one!

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 12:32 on Fri 21 November 2014.

Tea & Biscuits 2 Tour Edit

Here's the edit for the Tea & Biscuits 2 Tour from a few months ago!
Check out all the bangers in Bury from 4.40!

TEA & BISCUITS 2 UK BMX TOUR VIDEO from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 11:57 on Wed 19 November 2014.

Joe Embrey For Bicycle Union

HH team rider Joe Embrey is now on the Bicycle Union Team! Check out his welcome edit here....

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 03:41 on Thu 13 November 2014.

Joey's 2014 End Of Year Edit

It's that time of year again!!! Here's Joey Gough's end of 2014 Edit, another great year (pretty much) done 'n' Dusted!

Posted by Sean, at 01:49 on Fri 10 October 2014.
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