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Embrey Gypsy Compass Seat Edit

H.H Team rider Joe Embrey features in this FBM advert for the Gypsy Compass Seat, Not sure if the seat is any cop though because he doesn't sit on it in this edit...... It looks nice though! Music from local Bury St Edmunds band Men Of Munga!!!!!

Posted by Jay, at 03:21 on Wed 23 November 2016.

Fen Boys In Malaga!

H.H Team Rider Bertie Buck, Zak Jordan, Adam Webb, Shane Allen and a few other local lads headed out to Malaga, Good times in the sunshine! Check it out!

BMX Holiday trip Malaga 2016 from Adam Webb on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 12:22 on Tue 25 October 2016.

Joey Gough - Send Shit

The brand spanking new edit from H.H Team rider 'Joey Gough'. Put together by the super star that is Martin Zielinski...... This is the real deal.... if 30 second Instagram videos aren't floating your boat, then put the kettle on, sit down, and give this the time that it deserves. Phat/rad, 20 & 26" dirt madness! Click the link:

Joey Gough - Send Shit

Posted by Jay, at 12:40 on Wed 19 October 2016.

Ollie Myers Viceroy

So stoked to be blogging this, sick new edit from our Scooter Team Rider Ollie Myers. Making it look effortless!!!!! Huzar Films pulling it together behind the lens! This'll be doing the rounds on Facebook that's for sure! BANGER!

Posted by Jay, at 02:37 on Thu 1 September 2016.

Four Wheel Fools Summer Bowl Jam And BBQ

The local Bury St Edmunds Skatepark was host to the first Four Wheel Fools Summer Bowl Jam and BBQ. Plenty turned out to chill, shred and raise money for Bury Skatepark Experience Lighting fund. Here's an edit from the day put together by Death Destroy Films

Four Wheel Fools Summer Bowl Jam & BBQ from DeathDestroy on Vimeo.

In total £112 was raised and everyone had a blast!

 photo Thank You.jpg

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 12:46 on Sat 20 August 2016.


New Bicycle Union edit from our boy in recovery Joe Embrey...... make a brew 'n' check it!

HOME & AWAY - Joe Embrey X Bicycle Union from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 11:04 on Sat 20 August 2016.

Primitive Skateboarding X Get Lesta

Check out the edit below that dropped today for the Primitive Skateboarding X Get Lesta collab gear!

Click here to view available product -

Posted by SeanHHHQ, at 02:00 on Fri 12 August 2016.

Connor Phimister On Proper Bike Co Shop Flow!

We are Uber-pumped to announce that H.H Team Rider Connor Phimister is now on Proper Bike Co shop flow!..... Thanks a million to Carlo and Jamie over at IMG Distribution for pulling this together, and Tank Tapes for the welcome edit.... Exciting things happening over in the Proper camp.... the new product line is killer! It's so sick to see a brand doing things a little differently, Proper feels fresh and new although it's been around for over 15 years. Proper is proper! More media from Connor heading your way soon! Check the edit y'all, nice one!

Connor Phimister - Proper x Hardcore Hobbies edit from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 12:08 on Thu 7 April 2016.
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