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Robin Bolian welcome to Muckefuck Edit

All about the indoor parks at this time of year........ Robin Bolian keeping out of the wet in his 'Welcome To Muckefuck' edit. Phat/rad.

Robin Bolian welcome clip from Muckefuck skateboards & urethane on Vimeo.

Posted by Jay, at 10:40 on Mon 30 November 2015.

Adrian Malmberg Fox Edit

Simple Bike Co team rider Adrian Malmberg smashing the shit out of everything in his path in this recent edit for Fox! Ballsy banger to finish, booossshhhh!

Posted by Jay, at 09:27 on Mon 30 November 2015.

Embrey Union Edit

Joe Embrey // Bicycle Union 2015 from Joe Embrey on Vimeo.

Our team rider Joe Embrey has just put out a new edit for Bicycle Union! He's a busy lad our Joe!!! Good work!

Posted by Jay, at 11:39 on Wed 18 November 2015.

Subrosa UK Rail Jam Tour!

Thanks to Subrosa for heading through BSE on their UK Rail Tour, here's the edit, see anyone you know?
Rails are currently in stock! Here's the link: http://www.hardcorehobbieshq.com/item/34744/subrosa_bmx_-_street_rail_black_8_ft_long_x_18_high?if=bmx001

Posted by Jay, at 04:40 on Tue 10 November 2015.

Etnies - Area 25 Jam 2015 Promo

Pleased to be sponsoring this years Area 25 BMX Jam... here's the promo edit! Cheers to Tank Tapes and everyone involved!

Posted by Jay, at 10:08 on Mon 9 November 2015.

Ash Finlay - Before Torn ACL Edit

It's here! The new edit from Ash Finlay filmed and edited by james Tilyard! Footage from last year before our local hero's ACL did a massive shit! Ash will be off his bike until March 2016 by which time his Knee should be good to go. Expect big things from this lad next year! Please share this about folks! Nice one!

Posted by Jay, at 11:35 on Sat 7 November 2015.

Things to consider when hating on Scooter Kids!

 photo 53B1D850-06DC-435C-944A-1B9AFDF01173.png
This blog has been a long time coming....... I've got a few minutes on my hands so now's as good a time as any to smash it out!

Here's the deal, we post a scooter related post on Instagram or Facebook or wherever and sit back and wait for the negative responses to kick off.

It's okay! In fact it's quite interesting in a way, we get to look at the profile of whoever provides the scooter backlash and get to ponder their thought process, do they really hate scooters? Is it a tribal thing? Are they just bigoted? What's the deal?

Here's a few things to consider when making the anti scooter argument!

The fact is when looking at these 'haters' photos, it's clear that they definitely spend a fair amount of time at their local skateparks.

If their hometown park is anything like ours then it was set up to service the local community, and chances are the 'action group' that made it happen had scooter kids, or their parents involved.

Take into account that Scootering is a new sport.... Skateboarding and BMX are not what they once were! Every 'scooter kid' is taking part at an exciting time in their sport's development.

As a youth riding a BMX in my teens I got the shit ripped out of me regularly, it was fine as I was more than happy to not fit in with the hecklers, we didn't have the internet, we got bullied the old fashioned way face to face! Here's a 'Top Of The Pops' tune we'd get sung at us in an attempt to ruin our day!

It's not cool to be prejudice right?...... Which leads me to another thing, the word 'gay' is often used when describing scooter users (or even sometimes the object itself) Can we please just stop it!..... It's not Russia for fucks sake! Who cares who's gay and who's straight anyway, definitely time to wind your neck in on that one!

Anyone who's new to skateparks are likely to get in the way a bit! Better to twat into a small lump of aluminium that a bigger chunk of chromoly.

Scootering can be a stepping stone to BMX or skateboarding, the scooter rider might be your best buddy next month, but probably not if you're being a dick to him/her.

How different is a BMX to a scooter? Both pretty similar, the main difference being that the scooter has smaller wheels and no drive chain.

Scooter sales help stores stay open..... Worth remembering when at your local shop getting your bike repaired!

We are lucky here at Hardcore Hobbies, we actually like scooters. I personally had a BMX style scooter as a kid, a CW noped, I had a right laugh on it, that's what it's all about right?

 photo DE389D28-A1DE-40D4-B8A8-06BE6F546E20.jpg

However I'm not going to lie.... From time to time here in store we sell things we're not 100% down with!

Heelys are a classic example, for a while they we're on a ton of kids Christmas lists and we supplied the demand! Better that money helping to pay our wages than Amazon getting all the sales and not even paying their share of tax in the UK! Shops like us have bills to pay, that's the way it is!

Bury St Edmunds is a small town, luckily we all get on and we rarely see this kind of negativity at our local park. Black or white, old or young, helmet or no helmet, as long as you're cool you'll find our park users to be pleasant and welcoming to out of towners!

Let's leave the 'us and them', 'Blues v's Reds' football ground type nonsense in the seventies where it belongs and just get along!

 photo F54996AB-D841-48B4-906C-1BAAA1E631C1.jpg

Anyway, that's my take on it. Not really expecting to change anyone's opinion.
Things are better if we're all in it together, that's the truth of it!
Thanks for reading.

Posted by Jay, at 01:42 on Tue 3 November 2015.

H.H Radio Advert!

Hear our super cheesy radio advert, it's going to be on RWSFM (103.3) real sooooon!

Posted by Jay, at 01:48 on Wed 21 October 2015.
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