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H.H Scoot Team in Barcelona!

H.H Scoot team hit up Barcelona - AND SMASH IT! BSE Crew killing it!

Posted by Jay, at 10:56 on Sat 19 May 2018.

Joe Embrey - FBM - After Hours Edit!

The latest edit from Hardcore Hobbies team Rider Joe Embrey...... Doing it for FBM!

Posted by Jay, at 11:09 on Thu 15 March 2018.


Benjamin Schofield pulled together this tight winter edit for BSE CREW featuring Hardcore Hobbies Team Scooter Riders Max Bent-Marshall, Lewis Powell and Ollie Myers. Find @b.s.e_crew on Instagram and give them a follow for regular steez!

Posted by Jay, at 11:07 on Fri 23 February 2018.

Ash Finlay - BMX Life

Team Rider Max Bent-Marshall put together this edit 'BMX Life' with Team Rider Ash Finlay....... Check it!

Posted by Jay, at 03:53 on Thu 22 February 2018.


Hardcore Hobbies World Peace Design copy
Inspired by New York Hardcore Punk / Thrash crossover band The Cro-Mags, our 'World Peace' clothing line should be available in store and online mid February 2018!!!!
Photo 06 02 2018 14 56 48
This print aims to put a positive twist on the negative aspects of our ever changing world!
Independent shops seem to be closing left right and centre at the moment, there are many reasons for this, folk have less money in their pockets these days and the large internet players seem to be taking a huge slice of the pie!
Here at Hardcore Hobbies we are renewing our lease so are digging in moving forward..... Thanks to your ongoing support we'll keep things rolling and will be continuing to service the scene we love so much!
Hardcore Hobbies til the end of time!........ fingers crossed that's a long time and some man made device doesn't ruin everything for everyone!
Photo 06 02 2018 14 56 16
Mad times people, that said mankind has always been a little bonkers!
Rep a H.H World Peace garm before it all goes up in flames!
*don't worry..... we're sure everything will be fine. X.

Posted by Jay, at 10:45 on Wed 7 February 2018.

Ash Finlay - 2017 Edit

Newest edit from Ash Finlay! Some serious stuff in this guys! Is that a quad whip I see in there??!!
Filmed and edited by James Tilyard

Posted by Shozo, at 10:35 on Wed 17 January 2018.

Joe Embrey - Bicycle Union edit

New edit from the bigman!
Joe Embrey comes through with a timeless style that doesn't get old. Teaming up with Tom Ellam and coming through with this new Bicycle Union edit. Song: Early Man - War Eagle Film and edit: Tom Ellam (@tanktapes)

Posted by Shozo, at 10:23 on Wed 17 January 2018.

Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Jam 2017 Round-Up

Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Jam 2017 Web Poster

The 10th ever Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Jam took place on Sunday 9th July. The town was crying out for the event after no B.S.E jam taking place in 2016...... As always skaters and riders from far and wide arrived, to take part, chill and just be part of the day. Super pleased this years event had more of a family feel than previous years....... Often parents don't get to see what their offspring get up to at the park, it was a perfect day to showcase to all what skatepark sports have to offer!

1 Stef Elle
Past members of Bury Skatepark Experience came along to enjoy by Tom Ellam.

Local sexy boy Harley Miller showing off his best bits by Tom Ellam

Big up to this years event sponsors! As well as us and St Edmundsbury Borough Council, the following brands stumped up product for prizes...... We were lucky to have the best of the best as sponsors:

Alien Workshop
Stay Hard
Four Wheel Fools
Volume Bikes
Collective Bikes
Simple Bike Co.
Proper Bike Co.
United Bike Co.
Dominator Scooters
District Scooters
Blazer Pro Scooters

Very pleased to have DKMS (We Delete Blood Cancer) on site at the event, with 76 people signing up to be possible donors! #joinforjasmi

Beth Swab
Beth making her contribution by Tom Ellam

Cheers to everyone that attended! we raised over £2000 to improve our skatepark at Olding Road moving forward!!!!!!!

Polly Chan
Polly and Chan at the entrance by Tom Ellam.

Massive shout outs to:
Little Angels Day Care (for FREE face painting)
Rehearsal Rooms (PA)
The Mobile Pizza Co.
Aroy-D Authentic Thai Cuisine
The Coffee House
Slick Cuts
SGT Magoo
Sickness and Dismay

Face Painting
Free face painting proved quite a hit! by Tom Ellam.

Face Paint 3
The finished article by Tom Ellam.

Shelter By Paul Jackson
Beats loved by all! by Paul Jackson.

Could go into the ins and outs of the day, but basically you should of been there....... And photos say a 1000 words right!

Preston Flack
Locals Preston Flack and Joe taking in the good vibes by Tom Ellam.

Scotty enjoying good times by Tom Ellam

Shozo and Mia
Our own Shozo with his little one Miya by Tom Ellam.

Jay and Sean By Paul Jackson
Sean and Jay working out the results by Paul Jackson.


BMX Bowl:
1. Ash Finlay
2. Charlie Cope
3.Ban Callingham

Ash Flair By Paul Jackson
Ash Finlay Flair by Paul Jackson.

BMX Street:
1. Wichai Saensawat
2. Adam Welton
3. Beans

Wheel Chair By Paul Jackson
Stephen McDowell and Others waiting their turn By Paul Jackson.

BMX Newcomer:
1. Marcin Maciolek
2. Jack Roe
3. Jasper Skeads

Max Bent Marshall By Paul Jackson
Max Bent Marshall boosting a bars out of the deep end By Paul Jackson.

Scooter Bowl:
1. Josh Tucker
2. Jack Towns
3. Dylan Yallop

Tristan Mc Donahew By Paul Jackson
Tristan Mc Donahew slaying the rail By Paul Jackson.

Scooter Street:
1. Tristan Mcdonahew
2. Max Bent-Marshall
3. Jamie Ryan

Face PAint 2
Young ones loving the face paint by Tom Ellam.

Scooter Newcomer:
1. Calum Lowe
2. Reece Roberts
3. Sam Frost

Sid Pallot By Paul Jackson
Sid Pallot loving a boneless By Paul Jackson.

Skate Bowl:
1. Will Dixon
2. Sid Pallot
3. Jake Pervis

Dylan Pooley By Paul Jackson
Dylan Pooley throwing a heel flip down the stairs By Paul Jackson

Skate Street:
1. Dylan Pooley
2. Alfie Jefferies
3. Will Dixon

Will Dixon By Paul Jackson
Will Dixon throwing shapes By Paul Jackson

Skate Newcomer:
1. Charlie Turner
2. Henry Mcbride
3. Riley Lowes

Jacob Carroll By Paul Jackson
Jacob Carroll killing himself with a boneless down the stairs By Paul Jackson

This year saw the introduction of the Luke Jarvis shield, in memory of a local shredder from Stowmarket who was known far and wide and will be sorely missed. We wanted to keep his spirit alive by giving people the opportunity of winning a one off shield, which will be presented every year to the one person who embodies the spirit of Luke. His dad Andy also dropped off some extra prises for this, so we picked a winner and 2 others that shone.

Max Gill By Paul Jackson
Max Gill receiving his Luke Jarvis Tee by Paul Jackson.

Luke Jarvis Shield:
1. Ash Finlay
2. Jacob Carroll
3. Max Gill

Ash Boost From a Far By Paul Jackson
Ash boosting from a far by Paul Jackson.

Sticker Toss
The sticker toss is always a highlight! Taken by Abbie Weingaertner.

Visit Bury St Edmunds Skatepark Experience Facebook Page for all info and happenings to do with the skatepark.

If you would like to know more about DKMS, visit the DKMS Website Here.

Thanks to Paul Jackson of Four Wheel Fools Blog and Tom Ellam of Tank Tapes Word Press for providing this years images. Visit the links to view more jam imagery and a ton of other stuff.

Volunteers Group Shot
The A-Team who made it all happen! Taken on Paul Jackson's camera by someone???

Posted by Jay, at 12:25 on Thu 10 August 2017.
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